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Considering Sun For Trading & Marketing for your Power Backup System requirement.

Reliable Renewable Energy Systems Integrators

provides electricity generation systems designed for durability and reliability at all times. Our systems come in two forms; 

A) Backup Electricity

When the main power fails, the system inverts power stored in a battery and supplies power to important loads.  When electricity restores, the system recharges the battery in few hours to handle the subsequent power failure. 

B) Home Stand-Alone Electricity

For homes away from any access to grid electricity, off-grid DC systems are offered as a main source of electricity.

Why Choose Our Systems?

Our systems offer great features because:



" Designed to stabilize voltage in drops and peaks

" Instant switching

These benefits mean that:

" Users will never spend money on fuel or stay in the dark when fuel is scarce

" Safety against fire as the system does not use fuel.

" The system is operated automatically and users don't have to do anything.

" Unlike fuel generators, the system works instantly -in case of Backup- making you unaffected by blackouts for even a second.


Tell us what you want  -  we'll tell you what you need

If you need more information or you're not sure what's the best system for your needs, just let us know!

From solar modules to wiring, we've got you covered. We know what we're doing, and we're dedicated to keeping you energized with the perfect system designed specifically for you.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

Best regards,


Managing Director

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